Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lazy day

I'm having a lazy day today as I'm tired, the stag do ended at 2am!

Our overnight guest woke around 4:30 & decided to rearrange the furniture, he seemed unable to find the en-suite shower room and was having difficulty finding his way out of his room so for some reason he decided to remove all the drawers from the bedside chests.

By 5:15 I could no longer bear the miasma of alcohol fuelled flatulence upstairs, so I got up, came downstairs where the air was sweeter & read my kindle.

By 9:30 my beloved & our guest were both up & awake so I made them a cooked breakfast and around 10:30 dropped our guest home to his wife to be, he had a headache when he got up so I gave him some painkillers, he'll have earache when he gets home as he phoned his beloved at 1 am to say he's changed his mind about which song to use for their first dance as man & wife & proceeded to sing his new choice down the phone to her!

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