Wednesday, 4 February 2015

You phoned to ask me what?

Yesterday evening I received a phone call from my bank, they had noticed that there was more money in the account than usual & wondered if I'd like a loan!
Say what?
Where is the logic in that?
You have more money than usual would you like to borrow some more?


TrishWish said...

That would freak me out - what are the doing looking at my activities in detail? Then like you I would be annoyed that the first thing they want you to do is get into their debt! Then I would query if it was really my bank and not a scam... All in all, I trust none of them and I find it all stressful!

jill said...

I'm with trishwish, what were they doing trawling through your account hoping to land a an unsolicited loan. This is creepy and smacks of ethics violations.

I wonder how many people are clueless enough to actually take them up on their offer.
This makes me feel so old to think that I remember when banks and bankers were prudent,fiscal professionals not dodgy loan sharks.

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