Sunday, 15 February 2015


We went to a wedding reception yesterday, just as we were about to leave my L&M decided his shirt needed ironing, so I offered to do it.
It wasn't until I started to iron that I realised that the last items I'd ironed had been the glittery capes attached to the Frozen dresses I'd made for the DGD.
So the shirt, once ironed, was smooth but glittery, it was now too late to do anything about the sparkles. 
I reassured hubby that no wedding was complete without a bit of glitter.


Jill said...

That is so funny! I hope he felt extra festive.
I swear that glitter will take over the world someday. When I worked in the costume shop, come Sugar Plum Fairy season, we fairly exhaled the stuff. I once left a little glitter puddle on the bus going home!

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - too funny! One of the girls at work was all glittery last week as she'd been working on some craft projects with her daughter the night before - I swear it was 3 days before she managed to get rid of it!

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