Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fecking yummy mummies

I love the photo above, my DGD is a complete urchin and looks like the child hanging upside down on the barre. Having said that she does behave impeccably during class as she loves it so much.
On Friday's I collect my DGD Eileen & take her to dance class, the class is only 30 minutes long but sometimes it seems like hours.
Despite notices and polite requests from the dance class owner many of the siblings of the dancers are allowed to run wild in the waiting area for the duration of the class.
What really pisses me off is that these yummy mummies and daddies are either on their phones or chatting to each other about little Jacinta's prowess on the violin or Ferdinand's incredible ability with quantum physics, whilst little Jacinta & Ferdinand are beating 7 bells out of the smaller children or running around screaming at the tops of their voices.
To be fair there are a couple of mum's who sit and read to their child or talk quietly, unfortunately there are another 10 who ignore their children and their behaviour.
I know a few of the children have just come from school and need to let off steam, but there is a sodding great playing field next to the dance class, they could run around there and release some of their excess energy.
Yesterday one little charmer was trying to persuade the younger children to put their fingers in the door jamb so he could trap their finger and make them cry.
He also ran at my DGD and attempted to hit her, until I stepped in and did my 'Touch her & I will visit a world of pain upon you' speech.
At this point daddy did try to remonstrate with me, but changed his mind when I squared up to him, all 4' 11 of me.


Sheila said...

At this point daddy did try to remonstrate with me, but changed his mind when I squared up to him, all 4' 11 of me

That made me laugh out loud. I can just see you.
Well done you.

Marlene jones said...

Good for you, so many children are left to sort them selves out, make their own play with electronic things, and just go mad when they have a bit of time. We love to take our grand sons to play out side, kick a foot ball, cycle or just run around, I'm with you on yummy mummies. PS our youngest was like the kiddy hanging up side down.

Lyssa Medana said...

I feel your pain.

Rambler said...

Aaaaarrrggghhhh! Out of control kids are my bugbear too. I do sympathise with you and I admire your patience. I'm afraid I would show myself up - probably do a loud blast on my dog-whistle and use my headmistress voice to shout at children and parents alike! So what if I got banned!

Linda Metcalf said...

I can't stand the modern parent who lets their children run at will disturbing all near them. I just don't understand it. Back in the day mine got their butts popped and knew how to act in public.

Anonymous said...

My niece would have been the one at the end except she would have have taken her tights and shoes off so that she could cling like a wee monkey on to the bar!! Catriona

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!!!
Glad yummy daddy backed down - maybe he'll make an effort to control his offspring in future!!!

Life at Number 38 said...

Stopped going to playgroups with Amy when she was little because of exactly what you've described. Parents who couldn't be bothered to control their children made what was supposed to be a fun hour or two an absolute nightmare. We were better off on our own, at a friends or in the park. xx said...

Yeah and I hate such parents cause it sems that they totally don't care for their children. Hey parents, common, if you have a child, take a responsibility, teach and take care of them!

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