Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Hospital PALS

Another hospital visit today, well we go at least every other day & sometimes daily.  Today I visited PALS, I have previously phoned them, I have enumerated my concerns & things have improved considerably.

MIL is now on hourly pain relief, staff are checking on her more frequently & her buzzer is now within reach instead of behind her head.

FIL is no longer speaking to us, we had a phone call from his neighbour complaining about our unkindness to him.  He's told the neighbours that we drive past the end of his road & never offer him a lift to hospital!

I explained that actually we drive past his motorway junction & it is a 45 minute diversion to collect him, and we offer to collect him every bloody time & most times he refuses, often rudely.

Still no hospice bed for MIL, but I phone daily to check on the bed situation.

Every time I sit down I fall asleep & my hair is still falling out.


Life at Number 38 said...

I'm glad to hear MIL is being better cared for. What is it with placing buzzers out of reach. They did the same with Tom. The only thing I can say about your FIL is that you know what you've done to help him and bugger what other people think. xx

Lyssa Medana said...

Massive hugs. Is all of FIL's pain and distress being displaced on to you? Don't worry about it for now. Sending good vibes. Sybil xxx

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Good idea involving PALS. Glad things have improved for NIL. I guess FIL is upset and afraid and taking it out on you. Hope he comes round.

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