Sunday, 15 November 2015

The calm before the storm

Life here is calm and peaceful, well apart from my L&M shouting at the TV, it's the GP later and he will be shouting lots, lol.
I bottled my blackberry vodka yesterday and my damson vodka.
I will bottle the damson gin today, I've frozen all the alcohol soaked fruit, I will make boozy jam at a later date.

I will also pickle some beetroot today, then that just leaves the quince jelly to be made.
I'm thinking of making a batch of limoncello next.

I need to make cakes for work at the end of the week, I'm making a 3 ingredient fruit cake, hokey pokey cheese cake, chocolate brownies & cheese palms for those who don't have a sweet tooth.

The funeral is still some time away, BIL2 is ignoring the solicitor, but she is fighting that battle so we are keeping out of it.

FIL is finding solace in the bottom of a bottle and we are all taking it in turns to visit and phone him with varying degrees of success.


Marlene jones said...

Love to see you are so productive, busy hands.....
My sister and brother are up in arms ref our younger brothers estate (no will), so we have dumped all the paperwork with a probate solicitor and see what happens. Like you I'm trying not to getting involved

rachfishop said...

Sorry to hear about your MIL; best wishes to you and your hubby.

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