Saturday, 14 November 2015

Free shopping

A couple of days ago I received my Tesco vouchers that I save throughout the year.

These are mainly from my petrol purchases as I don't buy that much of my food there, I prefer to use the local butchers, bakers etc

This morning I went and got my vouchers doubled and I bought pants, tights, vests and socks for the DGC. 

I got a list of what was needed and the relevant sizes from my DD's and I shopped 'til I dropped. 

It's not much of a contribution but every little helps when they have so many children between them.

I also picked up some meat bargains as I was there so early, a shoulder of lamb for £2.69, that will do for lunch tomorrow. 

I also got some belly pork and some stewing steak for the same price.

The belly pork is in the freezer and the stewing steak is simmering on the hob with onions, turnips, mushrooms and carrots.

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TrishWish said...

Well done on the clothes shopping; every little helps with kids! In a way you feel you have "cheated" those big boys don't you? They were hoping you would spend extra on wine and chocolates where there is more profit than pants! Nice meat shopping too!

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