Monday, 31 July 2017

Just a thought.

I received a text message today from someone I know announcing her engagement to the man she lives with.

I went to buy her a card, whilst browsing I did wonder why they don't do cards that say.

Congratulations on your engagement, at least now you won't spoil another couple!!


justjill said...

Ha ha.

Rambler said...

A nice couple, then? Lol, lol. You can always add your own sentiment after the gushing congratulations printed in the card. ;)

Anonymous said...

The most apt I've seen for 'one of the girls' at work who was getting engaged to a total pri*k who was miserable to boot "You deserve each other"

Silly bint thought it was a compliment: she obviously didn't realise she wasn't anywhere near as popular as she thought!


Sally Fletcher said...



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