Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Two more days

Until the summer break starts, I have very few specific plans.

I'm meeting a friend and bringing her to see the boat.

I shall see my family.

I shall finish the curtains and other sewing for the boat.

I shall finish a baby blanket and maybe start another.

I shall go days without seeing anyone other than CHS.

It will prepare me for retirement!


galant said...

Retirement can be fun!
Margaret P

The Weaver of Grass said...

Things look like they are going to turn out well for you - do hope so.

justjill said...

Great plans!

Frugal in Essex Tania said...

I see less people now I'm retired but it's fine. I have do much to do I don't notice. Enjoy your time off.

Hard up Hester said...

I used to be very sociable but I'm getting less so.

Margie from Toronto said...

Enjoy the time to yourself!

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