Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fun weekend

We had a good time this weekend, a visit from DGS, I taught him to use my sewing machine, he made two Pokemon figures, a Diglet (I think it looks like a penis, but that's boys for you!) & something that looked like a star. Next time he wants to make a messenger bag, I have a book of projects so I'll have a look at what we'll need.

Hubby has asked for a crochet blanket of his own, I'm going to use up all my aran weight yarn on it I think, I have quite a bit and most of it is in dark colours.

Hubby has put his plastic greenhouses up in the spare room & has started off some seeds, we had soil warming upstairs for a few days before he did the planting.


annie b said...

Hope this works. I am making this throw it is gorgeous and so easy. I just printed it off and use arran from BMI stores which is very cheap. The blanket is lovely and thick. Much better in reality than in the picture.

Hard up Hester said...

Beautiful throw Annie

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