Monday, 5 January 2015

Another Oh Bugger

Today at work someone was showing me the arm knitted cowl she made over the holidays, I was so impressed, especially as it looked so warm and the heating had failed yet again at work, I was desperate to get home to try arm knitting for myself. The instructions suggest using 2 strands of super chunky, but the nearest I had was various odd balls of ordinary chunky, so I used 4 different ones, this is the finished result, I know it looks messy but it looks good on and it didn't take long to make once I got started. It took me ages to master the casting on, so by the time I was half way through the cowl I needed the toilet (too many cups of tea when I got in from work). Well anyone who has tried arm knitting will know that once you make a start you are, in effect, 'handcuffed'  by the yarn.
Can you imagine the struggle I had to carry the cowl and the 4 balls of yarn, with my wrists tied together, if I'd had any sense at all I'd have waited until I got to the end of the row, but truth be told, I had been so engrossed in my work that by the time I realised I need the toilet, the need was urgent so I struggled on, it is incredibly difficult to oick up a dress & pull down knickers with no free hands, so afterwards I got dry knickers on and wiped the toilet seat!


jill said...

Sue, you made me laugh so hard!! Thank you.
Had to Google arm knitting. It looks like fun and might work out for those times when my wonky thumbs cannot manage knitting needles.

Primroses Attic said...

Sue have never heard of arm knitting. But u have made me laugh thinking of you with yarn around your arms pulling up knickers. I would of dropped everything down the loo.

Lyssa Medana said...

lol - I have never been quite so handcuffed, but the cowl looks lovely! WS xxx

Twiggy said...

That looks fab and the thought of you tied up with your arm knitting on the loo is priceless :)

Linda Metcalf said... chuckle for the day...trying to picture it! :)I have watched the arm knitting but have not tried it as yet.

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