Friday, 23 January 2015


Finally, finally, I have agreement to reduce my hours, from February I am finishing at 2pm every day. It's only a reduction of 7 hours a week, but I hope it will help and I hope I can manage on the reduced money. 

Thank you Margie & RQ, I'm not specifically unwell, just a bit meh. Helen, I did nothing but granny squares for years and have only ventured onto other patterns thanks to Attic24 and then youtube.

This morning the kitchen table is covered in drinking straws, glue sticks, paper scraps and glitter. This can mean only one thing, one of the DGD is visiting, so, much crafting is happening. I'm dropping my L&M at work at 8 when I do I going to sneak into the staff room and 'borrow' a book. We have a selection of books left by the Book People, I've ordered a copy of one of the books on bag making, but it won't be delivered until Wednesday week. DGD can't wait that long, so I will borrow the staff room copy this morning and return it when I collect my L&M this afternoon.

After I drop my L&M at work I'm collecting DD and giving her a lift to work  and then DGD and I will shop at the bakers and butcher, then home to make a bag. I will teach her to use my sewing machine as I did her brother last week.

I need to speak to my other DD as well to arrange for the other DGC to visit soon, they too are itching to learn to sew.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day ahead of you, I too enjoy having my grandchildren to spend the day day crafting, sewing, baking etc. We are so lucky to be able to spend the time with our grandchildren.

Enjoy your day and I am so pleased that you have finally been able to reduce your working hours.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Glad you have managed to reduce your hours at work. Now, the trick is to walk out that door at 2pm and not a minute later!! Have a lovely crafty day sewing and bagmaking. Hope you feel better soon. Take care. Catriona

Anonymous said...

You certainly know how to keep active ! Why didn't you just photocopy the bits you needed from the existing copy and cancel your order for the book ! I find that only some parts of these books are useful - to me anyway.Great news about the reduced hours. Happy crafting. X

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

So pleased that at last you have agreement for the reduced hours just make sure you stick to them. You have worked there for so long and often late, they should be glad to have you. I am sure you will manage financially.

Hope you have a lovely day with your DGD.

Linda Metcalf said...

Sounds like things are going your way! I loved teaching my grands cooking, knitting, crochet and learning to use the sewing machine! They at least have the basics to get by and it was so much fun!

markdebby said...

Enjoy your reduced hours soon and as others have said.coat on at 2pm.

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