Saturday, 31 January 2015


Thank you for your comments about the foul mouthed person, fortunately there were other people around who were obviously on my side, so I wasn't as upset as I could have been.

I went to the butchers/greengrocers and the supermarket today, I spent about £20.
I bought:-
Lamb shanks for lunch tomorrow
Pork belly, liver and sausages for next week.  We'll have liver and onions, sausage and mash and slow roasted pork belly.
I also bought mushrooms, onion and a huge leek.
I shall make a big pot of leek and potato soup for lunch next week.
I also bought a loaf of bread, baked beans and a large mans shirt.
I'm making a nightshirt and nightcap for a forthcoming play at work.

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Linda Metcalf said...

The cooking sounds yummy! I love liver and onions and have not had any in forever. Our grocers used to slice on premises very thin. now it comes as frozen pots and once thawed it is thick and no taste to it.

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