Wednesday, 28 January 2015

More budgie smuggler tightness

The heating at home is set to frost setting to ensure no damage occurs if we get a sudden cold snap. If it's very cold we'll turn the thermostat up a bit, but  if hubby is comfortable in a short sleeved tea shirt, then I put an extra cardigan on & make a hot drink before turning the heating up & when I'm sitting down I have one of my home made quilts or crochet blankets over my knees, but I refuse to walk round looking like the Michelin man just to keep warm. Part of my problem is not being able to wear tights or trousers; it makes it harder to stay warm wearing just dresses.
We are going to a wedding reception in February, I've been looking in the local charity shops for something to wear, but nothing so far. If I don't find anything I'll team up one of my work dresses with a jacket to smarten it up. I've had another clear out of my wardrobe, I had a few dresses that I wasn't comfortable wearing with hold-ups, so they have gone in the bin, so now I've just 3 winter dresses, 3 jackets & 4 cardigans in my wardrobe. I certainly cuts down on the 'deciding what to wear' time.
I'm spending an hour or so every evening decluttering & sorting, I have one item to ebay & I'll list some specialist books on Amazon, but the rest I will donate to  the local charity shop.


jill said...

Sue, I had the same issue with tights and waistbands after my illness.
I made my self 2 pair of fluffy fleece farmers bib overalls...(think they are called dickies in uk??)
They don't touch my waist at all as they are held up by the straps. There are snap closures on either side to allow me to get in without a struggle. There is room for a nice sized jumper underneath plus the front and back bib part add an extra layer of warmth.
added plus is the fleece is not heavy to wear and dries quickly enough.
I look like a rather large Teletubby but I'm indoors so who x ares?!

jill said...

Another option, if you don't fancy looking like Lala, is knit or crocheted leg warmers like dancers wear. They are deceptively warm and would work with dresses. I also made some to fit over my wrists and forearms to keep my wonky hands warm when is read, knit or spin yarn...ok for basic chores but not so good for cooking!
I was happy to read that the young couple you gave cooking lessons were doing so well with what you taught them. That was a real and enduring gift you gave them.

TrishWish said...

We have a broken boiler so we are at 15C for most of the time and rely on our wood fire for warmth in the evening. My husband used to not feel the cold either but just lately he has found some jumpers! I always have cold feet and have taken to wearing thermal hiking socks round the house on the coldest days. Doesn't the sun make a difference? I dont notice the cold on a sunny afternoon!

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