Wednesday, 11 March 2015

3 weeks of chaos

My L&M has just signed one of the DGD's up for a local dance class, it's 4 o'clock on a Friday, it starts next week.
So for the next 3 weeks it means collecting a DGC from school on Monday (DGD age 7 Gym club), Wednesday (DGS age 10 Pottery) and Friday (DGD age 4 Dance class). 
Fortunately the pottery class is only on for 3 more weeks & Gym club finishes in July, so by September I will just be doing the lifts for one activity.
DGD who is 7 is starting swimming lessons when gym finishes & DD will be doing the bulk of the ferrying around for that.
The reason I do the lifts for the other activities is that my L&M arranged & paid for them & not always at a time that is convenient for DD.

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Primroses Attic said...

I remember running around all over the place for our children. Looking back I do not know how I did it.

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