Saturday, 14 March 2015

Lost my rag

AAARGH. When I answered the home phone this morning, a chirpy young lady informed me that she had information about a car accident I, or someone driving my car had been involved in within the last 3 years. I was polite to start with and assured her that I had been involved in no such accident, usually these people accept such a reply, but not this time.

She assured me that her information could not be wrong and that my car had definitely been involved in a no fault accident and that probably a family member had borrowed my car and hadn't told me about said accident.
Again I was polite and explained that as my husband is partially sighted he definitely hadn't borrowed my car.
At this point Miss Chirpy started to get stroppy, insisting that there had been an accident.
At this I lost my rag, told her she was being a pain in the arse, that she had interrupted my weekend, called into question her antecedents and slammed the phone down.
I have now ordered a caller ID, I am looking forward to weeding out the bulk of these calls once it arrives.


Eeek said...

What company did she claim to be from?? Nasty piece of work! Scam obviously. I would want to report her/company so that other more gulliable folk are not ripped off.

kate steeper said...

i get these every day , just because we went to casualty last year and they sell your name and data wasnt because of an accident but they arent allowed to say why you were there due to data protection

Wean said...

Yes, get them every day. If it's a recorded one there's a slight delay before anyone answers, you know it's a 'pain in the arse' call so you can hang up.
My son has a way of dealing with the 'live' callers, he just puts the phone down on the window sill and lets them get on with it until they hang up, after all, they have to pay the bill !

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I always just lay the phone down and go and finish what I was doing before the B people interrupted my day. We get these calls most days of the week. Even with call blocking

Tammy said...

You can register with the "telephone preference service" it's free and once you are on the register it is illegal for them to call you, they usually panic and hang up when I tell them! You can do it online, takes about a month before its "active". I Know my landline is registered but I think you can now also register mobile numbers.

You can also write to your local sorting office requested only named post be delivered so you don't get as much junk or PO delivered leaflets.


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