Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Success, failure & confusion

I have sold 3 more items on ebay and made £19.

DD took me for afternoon tea this afternoon, we went to The Space at the local Hilton Hotel. I wouldn't recommend it. It took best part of an hour for the food to arrive & we weren't given any plates, the food was good, little finger sandwiches with three or four different fillings, three different sorts of cake & a scone each, the scone were nice and soft. Whilst we were waiting to be served our tea came out of the kitchen three times & went back in, the staff seemed unable to find us despite us waving at them. The lack of plates also seemed very strange, we did mention it, but were just treated to some very confused looks from the staff who didn't seem to understand why we should need plates.

Confusion 1
I was at work on Monday after 4pm as DGD was at gym club.
A colleague saw me and said 'What are you doing here so late?'
'I'm waiting for gym to finish' I replied
'He's gone' said my colleague
'Who's gone?' I asked, confused.
'Jim Turner, he's left for the day' I then explained I'd meant gym club & not Mr Turner.

Confusion 2
I receive a paper delivery every Thursday but due to the amount of work I'm doing currently I have run out of paper by Tuesday so extra paper has to be ordered.
I explained the situation to someone in charge only to be told that I can't keep ordering extra paper, so from now on the paper delivery will be moved to Wednesday!
Doesn't this mean I will now run out of paper on Monday?


Marjorie said...

Sounds like "someone in charge" shouldn't be.

Attila said...

Those waiting staff seem spaced out!

cumbrian said...

Typical management logic/


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