Thursday, 12 March 2015

Romance is all well & good, but!

An ex-colleague has been bewailing her lot in life, she can't find Mr Right, she feels time is running out, she is 35 & wants to start a family. She has had some lovely boyfriends & even got engaged a couple of times, but unfortunately none of these men have actually been perfect. Her ideal man is Mr Darcy, preferably wet from stepping out of the lake!
Now gorgeous as Mr Darcy may have looked wet through, would he really have been easy to live with? I doubt it.
Also as she herself isn't perfect, is anyone? Why does she expect perfection in her partner.


Primroses Attic said...

She will find her perfect partner when she is not even looking.

kate steeper said...

Did chuckle , it seems to be a widespread problem in my daughters generation, the pursuit of perfection. blokes are a different species , sometimes the least likely will make the best husbands and fathers

Icey said...

"Engaged a couple of times"???
Clearly some of these boyfriends thought she was enough for them, what a shame she didn't think they were enough for her :(

Anonymous said...

My friend's sister never married because "she let all the bunnets go by waiting for a soft hat". In other words, she never thought anyone was good enough for her!! Catriona

Hard up Hester said...

Catriona, I think this is what will happen to his person too, she has ridiculously high standards & has split up with previous bf's because of such silly reasons as forgetting her cat's birthday & buying her lilies instead of roses.

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