Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How Much!!!

Another visit to the doctors & yet another doctor, yet another diet. I've now been instructed to go on the Cambridge Diet!
I asked if it was OK as I have diverticulitis & the Dr said that it would be fine.
I asked about cost & I was told it would cost about £55 a week, HOW MUCH!!!!!
So the Dr said 'Well you won't be buying anything else, think how much money you will save on wine'
If he'd taken the time to read my notes he's have seen that I don't drink wine, or anything else alcoholic much.


TrishWish said...

You are very good patient with that Doctor. I would have called him a Twat and been a bit rude! My grandson has been referred to a dietitian recently due to milk allergy - did the doctor offer you an expert consultation? Because he does not sound so expert!

Anonymous said...

dont do it hh what stupid advice...ask to see a dietician and dont get up off the chair until you have a sensible advice you can follow....good luck

kelley said...

I agree with seeing a dietician....most doctors have little or no training about nutrition...one of my doctors sent me and it made all the difference...she paid attention to what I said about my preferences so I can easily follow her guideline...

Parentingachildwithautism said...

I can't believe a professional medic has suggested the Cambridge diet!!
No food passes your lips its just three shakes a day and gallons of water!
I've (very stupidly) did it a very very long time ago and the hunger, the headaches and dizziness not to mention how lethargic you feel is horrid!
Oh yes I lost a lot of weight but it was unhealthy, I must of lost precious muscle as well.
Please do not follow his advice....oh and yes its mega expensive and once you start eating food again the weight goes back on and more!!

I am so shocked that doctors are even suggesting it!

Mrs G said...

Idiotic man! If he's going to 'prescribe' a diet at least slimming world would be better (and NHS will often pay for a 12 week course) - proper food, at least!

And how much does he think people spend on food each week??? (I dread to think of his grocery bill) - we're a family of 6 and spend approx. £120/ week! (and we're meat eaters - and welfare/ free range meat and eggs) x

Scarlet said...

What an idiot to suggest such a ' diet' , and what a nerve to think that everyone is swigging bottles of wine every week. I have my annual cardiac check-up due soon. I will doubtless get the death stare because I haven't lost any more weight for quite a while. Having just checked the height/weight chart and BMI range, at 5'7" I need to weigh 10 stone 6 to just scrape into the ' normal' range, and getting down to that weight is never going to happen because I would look bloody awful.

Rambler said...

I agree with the comments about The Cambridge Diet - it is truly dreadful and will do more harm than good. Your doctor needs reporting for giving such stupid advice!
Please don't follow it - get in touch with a dietitian or, as already suggested, join your closest Slimming World class so that you are eating proper food that is tailored to your specific needs and your weight will drop without causing problems. Honestly, it will be worth the weekly cost and even better if you can get it on the NHS scheme.

lynda said...

If he prescribes a dirt at that cost, NZhS should be paying for it...ignore him and see a dietician..if you can find a sensible one.