Friday, 17 July 2015


I waited until I'd calmed down and then I wrote a letter to the practice manager at the Doctors surgery.
I wrote an eloquent & detailed letter explaining that I was concerned about the contradictory advice I'd been given.
I also explained that I would not be paying £55 a week for the Cambridge diet as I didn't feel it would benefit my diverticular disease.
I await a reply, I wonder what that reply will be!


lynda said...

I would also point out that you do not have the £ for it??ridiculous....

kate steeper said...

A couple of weeks ago or latest dimwit locum spent his allotted 10 minutes lecturing Mr Bah ?Humbug on his alcoholism, he had a very bad result for liver function. Trouble is he can't drink , his pills don't mix well with alcohol so he hasn't for years. We couldn't get a word in edgewise , to tell this qualified idiot that he should look at the side effects of his medication. We,ve made an appointment with another locum, this will be the tenth since Xmas!!!

Linda said...

Unbelievable that a doctor would even suggest an expensive diet plan! Kate - your comment struck a chord - when my dear mam was alive she was diagnosed with kidney problems and frequently quizzed about her alcohol consumption - her truthful reply that she had been tee-total her entire life was often met with raised eyebrows and disbelief. My mam had never even tasted alcohol, a distressing episode at an early age with her drunk father made her vow never to touch it.

Rambler said...

It's shocking that supposedly qualified professionals, who we trust with our lives, can give such ridiculous and often dangerous advice.
At 70 years of age and recently moved house (and of course, surgery) I am thrilled to now be registered with a doctor who actually CARES for me; I am not just another patient, another anonymous person. She assessed the medication that I was taking, stopped another immediately, doubled the dose of another and has since conducted blood tests and ECGs in order to 'sort me out'. Thanks to her, I feel more energetic, healthier and most importantly much more hopeful of my future care.
I hope you are able to find an equally caring doctor, Hester, but I fear they are far and few between.

Parentingachildwithautism said...

Good on you!
Hope you share their reply - it will be very interesting on what angle they come back with!

Well done for being sensible, no doubt some people may of just accepted the advice with it being a doctor and gone out that day to embark on that dangerous starvation diet.

lee woo said...

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