Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What does your bum smell of?

Because of my long running & ongoing bowel problems (I won't bore you with the details again) I always keep a packet of toilet wet wipes beside every loo.
Toilet wet wipes are more flushable than baby wipes but I still use them sparingly.
I saw some at a good price a few days ago when  I was in a local shop so grabbed a couple of packets.
This morning I had cause to use them for the first time, when I opened the packet I noticed a strong smell of apples.
Sure enough there it is emblazoned across the packet New Apple Fresh Scent!
I wish now I'd saved the wrapping & taken a photo before emptying them into the plastic box I keep them in to keep them moist.


frugal needles said...

He he mine and my families bottoms also smell regularly of apples!
Kay xx

lynda said...

Better than the alternative!

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