Saturday, 23 April 2016

Rush, rush, rush

Bluebell woods near dance class.
Friday afternoon is always a rush, we left work, went to the village centre, to the bank and to get meat & veg for the weekend.
We collected DGD5 from school at 3 though it's usually 3:15 by the time they have all filed out, we then came back to our house so she could change into her dance wear, she also had a drink and a snack.
We have to be at dance at 4 and parking is difficult now the class has moved to a small hall further away, with only a dozen parking spaces, also DGD is in the 2nd class so the carpark is still full of the previous class's parents.
When DGD finished dance class we took her home via the local newsagent so she could buy a magazine. We collected DGD8, brought her home, played domino rally and read stories until it was bed time.
Just to make these journeys complete, there is a road closure which meant all this took nearly 4 hours.
Still the bluebells were lovely in the woods near the dance class.


TrishWish said...

Absolutely love bluebell woods. Isn't the smell wonderful?

Rambler said...

And that social worker had the nerve to say that you should do more? Grrrrrr!!!!

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