Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Sex on the canal

We were by now on the Ashby canal, very quiet and very rural.
The only things worrying me were the canal side signs saying 'Ashby Anal Society'.
I was concerned that it might be compulsory.
I eventually realised that some local wag had blanked out the letter c's on all these signs, it was a great relief.

Last year DD bought my L&M a padded lumberjack shirt, it is lovely and warm so he wore it almost continually throughout the holiday.
Unfortunately  when the sun peeped through the clouds the jacket proved too warm so he wanted it unzipped.
As soon as the clouds crept back my L&M got cold and wanted the jacket zipped up.
As he was steering this left only one hand free and he found it impossible to work the zip one handed.
Being a dutiful wife I was always there to lend a helping hand, unfortunately as I can't see to well the easiest way to do the zip was to kneel at my L&M's feet, this way I could clearly see what I was doing.
I thought we were getting some strange looks, but it wasn't until,  as we passed one boat someone on board shouted out 'If my wife did that when I was  steering, I'd crash' that I realised what it looked like I was doing!


Helen Graham said...

Our one and only canal boat holiday was on the Ashby canal about 10 years ago...also in April. We chose it because it didn't have any locks to negotiate. It was cold and misty most of the time but we had one magical sunny afternoon moored up with swans swimming past the boat's windows, while we listened to classical music on the radio, I cross-stitched and DH read.

Anonymous said...

I live near Ashby. If you go past Moira furnace call into the craft units my friend owns the pottery one making it all herself. Well worth a visit

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