Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Big hook little hook

 On my big hook the first row of a chunky baby blanket in variegated pink and white yarn for a colleague.

On my little hook, the mandala waistcoat.

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Rambler said...

I used to crochet many years ago and recently I was tempted - and ended up buying a pack of beautiful colours to make a blanket. I might have slipped up! I cast on 31 stitches to crochet a sample to determine hook size and tension as advised. But on the return chain, I somehow lost 5 stitches. How the heck did I do that? Not just once, but several times I ended up losing between 3 and 7 stitches! The 2nd row was double crochet into ecery stitch except the 1st one, so I should have had 30 stitches at the end. Help!