Saturday, 25 February 2017

Getting our ducks in a row

A temporary fix has been done on the fence, the neighbour who cannot keep her knickers on isn't happy she wants it done properly and she want's it done NOW, no doubt she will spend part of the weekend trying to kick it down. It's being repaired on Tuesday, so she'll just have to wait.

We are away part of Monday as the boat is being surveyed, if it passes ok it will be blacked and the sacrificial anodes may need replacing ( I think they just add new ones on top rather than removing and replacing).

The log burner needs to be re-installed and the solar panels will hopefully be fitted and wifi organised, this will all more or less at the same time whilst the boat is in the marina as we will be spending some weekends aboard.

I want to remove the existing pictures and replacing them with some of our own. I also want to check out the soft furnishings to see if any need replacing, if they do I will do the work myself.

Hopefully this will mostly be done by Easter  as that is when we hope to bring her home.


Rambler said...

Well, I had to Google 'sacrificial anodes' and what a learning experience that was! I now know the most efficient ones to use (also the most expensive) and have read the dire warnings about taking a boat from fresh water to salt water . . so much new knowledge!

Elaine said...

I guess quite a few of us will be googling 'sacrificial anodes' sounds a bit Wicker Man! Best of luck with the survey, then on to some fun.

Hard up Hester said...

I just had to mention them in a post, I just love the name.

Sheila said...

How exciting.....hope everything goes well with the survey.
I will be Googling the sacrificial anodes

annie b said...

Wow!!! lost you for a while as your other account must have been hacked found you on another blog. Please, please, please, recount how you have now decided to move onto a narrow boat? I cant find where you first told everyone and the story behind it.

Regards annie

Chris said...

My Dh knew what the sacrificial anode was as he was in the Navy but after that become an electrical engineer... your boat looks great and I am so impressed that you have just gone for it. I think I am daring enough moving from a town where I have lived for 48 years to somewhere new at age 74, but it is not out in the wilds, but a nice little town in Suffolk. Mama Mercantile wants a white washed cottage on one of the West Scotland Islands, that is a big step.

cumbrian said...

Didn't know that the sacrificial anodes needed to be fitted in fresh water.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Your blog just will not add on to my reading list, I keep trying. Good luck with the NB stuff.

Hard up Hester said...

I'm sorry about the blog problems, I seem to have been hacked, my blog address is
The post about the boat are

I hope this helps.