Saturday, 4 February 2017


Did you allow enough chain stitches to allow for them being used as the first stitches in your return row?

I swear by YouTube when I trying to learn something new.

It has been my constant companion since starting DD's waistcoat.

I have to admit I never make a swatch to check my tension/size, I know I crochet tight so I always use a hook one size bigger than recommended.

Also I  usually make scarves and blankets so they tend to end up whatever size they end up.


Rambler said...

I cast on 31 stitches as advised, with a No.4 hook, then the next row was double crochets into every stitch except the first, so I should have had 30 stitches left. But I only had 27 or 28!!!
I need to get the tension right and the hook size or I shall run out of wool before I finish the blanket (it's a wool pack specifically for that blanket.)

Hard up Hester said...

Keep practising, you will get there.


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