Sunday, 26 February 2017

The fence and the knickerless neighbour

So our knickerless neighbour phoned the HA to complain about the fence, she is a tenant, we own our house. The HA sent someone out Friday afternoon to inspect the damage, by which time my beloved had effected a temporary repair.
Another neighbour popped round to see us to relay the basics of the conversation to us as she'd been dragged into the conversation with the HA, it went something like this.

HA 'So which fence are you complaining about?'
KN 'That one'
HA 'It's not blocking the pavement'
KN 'No but it was during the storm'
HA 'It's not affecting you, it's about 5 mtrs from your property and it would have been dangerous to try to repair it during the storm.
KN 'I want them to repair it now'
HA' Well it's been made safe now'
KN 'That's not good enough, they aren't getting it repaired until Tuesday'
HA 'Tuesday? That's quick, some people will have to wait weeks before we get round to repairing their fences'

With any luck she will break a toe as she keeps kicking the fence every time she


e said...

Witless, too, isn't she? Some people just live to be disagreeable. I just smile and get on with life...

Witch Hazel said...

That can only be the reaction and expectation of someone who has never had to organise (and pay for) repairs!
Stupid woman.

Elaine said...

As long as you don't find yourself moored next to her she will soon be left behind. Jolly times are waiting just over the horizon.

Sharon Koole said...

What a busy body! Glad you're moving on - no more putting up with her.

Jane said...

I wonder if she'll pop round with a house warming present for your new home. Well done on organising a repair so quickly.

Linda Metcalf said...

Some people are sooo miserable!

cumbrian said...

Possibly on HB as well?

Winters End Rambler said...

You are soooo going to miss that woman! x

Hard up Hester said...

She makes everybody's life a misery if she can. I have very few problems with her compared to most. She also spread's a lot of spiteful lies and gossip about people but it doesn't affect me as I never talk to her.