Sunday, 19 February 2017

What's in a name.

The boat is called Cloudberry, but we may change it, if we can ever agree on a different name.

I find all the NB names fascinating, one we saw at the weekend was called Rhapsody for Bunny, and it had the tag line 'Because I knew you'.

I'm sure there is a very romantic story attached to that name, I wonder what it is.


Sheila said...

Cloudberry....I love it-x-

Sharon Koole said...

Great name!

Andie said...

It is considered unlucky to change the name of a boat. My hubby had a marina for years and I believe it is an old sailors superstition to change the name. It looks great. Love Andie xxx

Hard up Hester said...

Well it's been changed once already and it is supposed to be ok if the name is changed whilst the boat is out of the water.

galant said...

Wasn't there a pop group, the Cloudberries? Or something like that?
Don't change the name, I like it!
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

There was/is a group called the Cranberries, but I don't remember one called cloudberries