Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hard Up Hester Blog Probs

Still not got to the bottom of all this but.

The American yoga blog is called this is strange as it is obviously American so why does it have

My blog address is

I used to have a blog called Hard Up Hester and the address was, this was hacked when I was in hospital and unable to access it for a while.

I started a new blog and struggled to think of a name and eventually settled on Snitty Kitty, and renamed it Hard Up Hester after a few months, but I have to stay with the snittykitty addy.

I realise this is probably as clear as mud, but hope it will help some people find me.


Frugal in Bucks said...

Hi, it's awful, I've got this Dorothy Chase telling m how to,lose weight! Ha ha . It's a real pain, I so wanted to read about your boat. Fingers crossed normal service resumes soon. X

veeknits19 said...

How very strange. I'd saved your blog to favourites & when I looked at it at the weekend it said it was closed (or something similar) but that the name was free now to register, with an orange button to "register now." Later this usurper appeared in your place!

Hope all is plain sailing now - in every aspect of life & blogging!

All best wishes, I so enjoy your blog,although I generally "lurk" & rarely comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you-I found you through My Life in the Country! Catriona

Sooze said...

Thanks, I wondered what had happened, hope all the problems are sorted now.

Linda Metcalf said...

I've lost Snitty Kitty...but found you on Hard Up Hester.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you haven't deleted your blog. You are a breath of fresh air!

Your new abode looks,great, though I get seasick just looking at a boat.


Anonymous said...

Glad I've managed to find you again.

Joan (Wales)

Sara Tudor said...

Thank heavens your still here..i was wondering if you had been kidnapped by a yoga instructing woman..glad you have it sorted..

Cherylsea said...

I hate it when you "disappear"! Just thought to try a Google search. I love your blog and don't want to lose you. Hope you enjoy the boat; think I would love it!

Icey said...

Phew, very glad to be back again. Silly yoga weightloss stuff, meh!
Thanks for getting back to me Hester
Tamzyn xx

Emmbee said...

I knew you still existed! Not everything that comes up on the screen at all! I'm so glad you kept commenting on other blogs so that I found you again. I don't often comment, but read regularly. Cheers!

Sharon Koole said...

Glad I found you again! Wondered what had happened.