Monday, 20 February 2017

'It's all about me'

We have  friend John, who visits most weeks to have a drink, sometime he brings his wife with him.
We haven't seen him for a few weeks because he spent a week in hospital being treated for an injury he received at work.
No sooner was he out of hospital than his Dad was taken ill and spent a few days in hospital.
On Friday he visited us and brought his wife along with him, bloody hell she's hard work!
She was not in a good mood, she complained bitterly that John had not taken her out anywhere the last two weekends, well that would be because he'd either been in hospital for himself or with his dad.
He is taking her out for the next two weekends but then the next weekend after, it is his DD's birthday so he will be visiting her, his wife won't have her in the house!
She didn't like the waistcoat I was making for DD as it looked home made.
She wasn't keen on the nibbles I'd provided as she is on a diet.
She's fallen out with her daughter in law for the umpteenth time, it seems the DIL always have to have her own way! This time it is serious and she is changing her will.
She doesn't understand why we want to live on a boat and thinks I just need to get more money from my ex.
She thinks the new people who want my house are probably not the 'right sort'.
She can't get anyone to come and look at a problem with her roof, she has phone 3 or 4 companies and shouted at them and they still won't come to make a repair.
She can't understand why everything has to be all about me.


Sheila said...

Oo'er....I don't think I'd like to spend an evening listening to that lot....poor you-x-

Anonymous said...

People like that dont understant why everyone moves away from them. Likely she is always the downtrodden and she probably treats those helping her very poorly. What a poor life she is having and it is likely all her own fault.

Hester, your boat sounds fabulous. Around here someone would likely buy an RV or a caravan since we dont have a lot of rivers that would support a nice little houseboat. Ana USA

Sue in Suffolk said...

At least she won't want to visit you on the NB, or if she did you could just move the gang plank a bit so she fell in!

Marjorie said...

Good grief. You are so kind to have not honestly replied to her.

e said...

Oh, so sorry you had to contend with her...What a handful! Perhaps you'll be lucky and she won't visit the new houseboat.

Janice said...

OMG the glass is definitely half empty for her. How does her husband put up with her?

Winters End Rambler said...

Invite her round when you're in the boat...let her out in the garden after dark? x

Debdor said...

Oh Poo! Why cant nice people come in two's. It is such a shame when someone you really want to spend time with has a partner that you would rather not!

galant said...

She sounds a right bundle of fun!
Why are men like your friend John so blind, so immune, to the machinations of this kind of woman?
Margaret P

cumbrian said...

There really are some sad people.

chris said...

Oh dear sounds like a no win situation, I have a cousin like this so I avoid her!

Margie from Toronto said...

She is wha I now call an "Emotional Vampire" she just sucks the life out of everything and everyone. I have one such person in my life and while this person is basically good hearted - she is still hard work, especially if it;s to do with one of her umpteen medical "conditions". I tend to limit contact and space out meetings so that I have time to recover in between sessions. As one commenter noted - perhaps she won't come to visit once you're onboard!

PS - the issue you had with Blogspot has now happened with a US site I visit daily called The Vivienne Files - I suspect that popular Blogspot accounts are being somehow hi-jacked. I've alerted people so hopefully she will be able to get this sorted - it is most annoying!

Sharon Koole said...

Yikes. I really find people like that annoying and try to stay away from them!

Hard up Hester said...

Fortunately although her husband visits most weeks we only see her once a month, sometimes less.

Helen Graham said...

Oh, dear seems like nothing will satisfy her. What a pain in the rear. So happy I've just refound your blog after it seemingly disappearing. I'm just reading through the days I've missed.