Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Facebook virgin

We were passing a local pub yesterday around lunchtime so we popped in for a drink and lunch. A valentine treat so after that we were all loved up.

When we got home my beloved decided to try another foray into Facebook.
Within 20 minutes I wanted to fecking kill him, he seems to have a very definite idea on how Facebook should work, only it doesn't!

He gets so cross, keeps ranting on, he asks me for help and then ignores what I'm telling him, aarrgh!!


Anonymous said...

There are indications that other bloggers think your name may have been stolen - don't know if it's from snitty kitty or what but a different bit of post is showing up on bloggers lists. Something to do with someone losing a bunch of weight with a specific technique and pointers. Just thought you should know. Ranee (MN) USA (I do not have a blog)

Margie from Toronto said...

I found the same thing today - always found you at Snitty Kitty but over the weekend it kept saying that "this blog does not exist" and today the weightless blog showed up. Luckily I saw you comment at another site and followed you back to Hard Up Hestor (which is - I think - where you used to post). You may just want to let people know via some other sites so that people can be sure to find you again.

As for your hubby and Facebook - sorry, I'm no help - I gave up my Facebook account ages ago - it just annoyed me - and when my friends go on about their sites - I nod politely, smile and do my best to tune them out! :-)

Joy said...

Ha! I was not going to lose you so easily. I managed to track you down through some very tortuous routes.

I do have a face book page but only so that my daughter in law can send me photos. I won't have any truck with the rest of it. I spend far too much time on here as it is.

When some one tries to teach me some new technique on the computer I have to write down every tiny step so I have some point of reference. Try it on the L&M.

Oh no. I forgot. He's a man and was born knowing everything. Sorry.

cheryl soergel said...

I searched under hard up Hester to find you. Classless to use your address. Cheryl

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