Thursday, 10 October 2013

A funny story that might give you a chuckle.

Lizzy went to collect her 5 yo daughter Norah from school last week & Norah came across the playground with a face like thunder.
Lizzy asked her what the matter was, Norah replied 'You put you knickers in my book bag!' she started digging in her bag to retrieve said knickers; Lizzy's trying to wrestle the bag from Norah expecting her to produce some voluminous grey item.
Eventually they reach the sanctuary of Lizzy's car and the knickers are exhumed from the bag.
They are size 10 purple and lacey!
The explanation is that it is all my fault, I went shopping & bought 2 new bra’s with matching knickers, the knickers were on a size 14 hanger, but were actually a size 10, I realised before I put them on, rather than dig out the receipt and trail all the way back to the shop I offered them to Lizzy, she accepted them & put them with all the other stuff she had with her and at some point the were transferred to Norah’s book bag!
I suggested Lizzy looked on the bright side, a few years ago it would have been a feather and sequin encrusted thong

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frugal freesia said...

Great to see you blogging again, just found you again and going to have a catch up now.

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