Friday, 18 October 2013

Free money

Today is the last day before I go back to work full time so Lizzie & I decided to earn a bit of dosh.
I had a pile of metal down the side of the house and Lizzie had an old radiator. I also had a bag of old clothes and shoes an Lizzie had 3 bin bags full of outgrown children's clothes. We piled the whole lot into my car and set off, first stop the scrap metal merchants, where we got £17 for the metal scraps, then on to the cash for clothes place where we got £24. I checked the mileage and we'd driven 4 miles, so we feel we've made a profit, not a huge amount but for the sake of a little effort it was worth it.
I've tried comping and never won anything, I've also tried surveys but I always seem to be in the wrong age group, but today was definitely a success.
I also threw some steak and kidney in the slow cooker this morning when I got up and it's cooked now and will go lovely with some mash and HG cabbage. The steak is actually ox cheek that was £2.10p the kidneys were reduced to 40p, I added a thinly sliced HG onion, some seasoning and a cup of water. There are at least 4 portions there.


markdebby said...

During the summer we made a lot of money with scrap metal. My DH was a builder. It was hard work but worth it.

Deborah W said...

You did have a successful day - and you can't beat coming home to a meal made in the slow-cooker. You seem to be a bit more like your old self - sorry, former self :) Love your take on life. Deborah x

Snitty Kitty said...

I am feeling better but still get very tired.

frugal freesia said...

I have been to the scrap yard 2 or 3 times this year and came away with a few bob. Nice. Better than taking it to the tip and giving someone the money.

Marion Dunn said...

You went out of the house with junk and metal scraps, and came back with £17 and £24 from it. What a practical way to get rid of those clutter, eh? The recyclers get their materials, you get money, and somehow both ends helped out the environment – such a win-win situation. Cheers!

Marion Dunn @ Global Resources


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