Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I need to grow another boob

I have received 3, yes three letters asking me to go for a mammogram, now this isn't because I've missed an appointment. All three letters arrived within days of each other, each appointment a week apart. 
Now I don't have a problem with going for a mammogram, I find they make my permanently stiff shoulder ache a bit, but apart that it's fine. I did wonder if I should take a map with 'X marks the spot' on is as my once generous boobs have shrunk dramatically since my illness!
I did think about attending twice, once for each boob, but when I received the third letter I could see that growing another boob was the only way to go!


Pam said...

1 for each hand and 1 to nibble on. The Minder in 7th heaven.

Snitty Kitty said...



As we went through Ham lock yesterday someone came to help me with the lock gate. Her name was Caroline, she reads my blog, she recognised ...