Thursday, 31 October 2013


Having been admonished by, of course, anonymous, for being disgusting I shall be more disgusting.
I'm 62 soon, married, still in love with my beloved and should not be enjoying a healthy if somewhat unusual sex life, let alone admit to such a thing.
Since my illness I can no longer have sex in my favourite position, no matter, there are many positions I can still manage & enjoy.


LadyLinda said...

Just found your new blog after missing you for such a long time via Hard Up Hester. Do keep the fun and jokes coming, it makes me smile. For those too stuffy to appreciate you there is always the delete button :-)

Pam said...

OOh good I like disgusting, it is a game I have played many times in the past and plan on many more times in the future.

Rebecca said...

So funny!! Needed a laugh this morning, thanks!

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