Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thank heavens for sick pay

I'm lucky enough to work somewhere with generous sick pay, 6 months full pay, 6 months half pay. I was also well organised enough to fall ill just at the end of term and so although I was out of work from the end of July to mid September I only missed a few days holiday work and a couple of weeks at the start of term, all be it the busiest couple of weeks.

I'm back now though only part time, I'm finding it exhausting but then even before I was ill work was exhausting, spending too long on my feet and too much lifting and carrying.

We have a new appraisal system being introduced at work, targets will be set and must be met or exceeded, anyone failing to meet their targets will eventually have to face capability discussions. Anyone meeting their targets or exceeding them will get, nothing, de nada, as you can imagine there is a lot of muttering in the ranks. Not from me though, 3 previous line managers have tried and failed to set me targets, not through any fault of mine or theirs. My job doesn't lend itself to targets. 
The part I really don't like about appraisals is the 'discussion' and stupid questions such as 'How do you see your career path?' I don't have a career path, I'm 62 and should have retired. And 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years?' alive or dead, I don't know which!
There were similar questions to be answered in my 'back to work' interview, such as 'How do you feel about your pattern of absence?' There is no pattern I've had very little time off in the last 8 years. And 'How will you ensure you are not ill again?' Well I can't, my diverticular disease will either flare up again or it won't, I'm eating a healthy high fibre diet, but then I always have, I'm attempting to keep off the weight I've lost, but none of this will ensure I never have another flare up, it's just a case of suck it and see!

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