Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bloody muppets!!!

I went to the local chemist today to buy more dressings for my L&M's feet, 8 weeks & counting & the dressings are still being changed daily.
I'm always irritated when I visit the chemist the staff are slow & stupid & everything I ask for they query & say 'I don't think we stock that' despite me having bought the same items every week for the last 8 weeks.
Every time I put in a prescription & return 10 minutes later to collect it, they've lost either the prescription or the medication.
Today I went in & asked for melolin dressing & I got the usual 'I don't think we stock that' to which I replied, yes you do it's in that drawer there. The assistant reluctantly open the drawer & giggled 'Oh look, there it is'. I then asked for size 12 tubigauze, she closed the drawer & said 'I don't think we stock that'.
I told her it was in the drawer she's just closed, so she reopened the drawer & after a long search eventually found it, all this time she is giggling & saying 'Oh I am stupid' I have to admit I'm close to agreeing with her.
As I said this performance has been repeated weekly for 2 months & my patience is wearing thin!
Tonight the assistant excelled her self, after the usual giggling & inability to find the items I requested she found the tubigauze & this time as she measured it she dropped it on the floor, stood on it & managed to wrap it round her foot!
At this point I lost my temper & told her icily that this was to be used as a wound dressing & I really didn't appreciate it being dragged along the floor before I bought it, she carried on standing on the gauze & giggling, at this point the pharmacist stepped in, sent the assistant into the back room, opened a new box & measured the required length without dragging it along the floor. She apologised for the assistants behaviour, but it didn't make me feel any better. 
I would have more patience if I though the assistant was giggling through nerves, but she isn't nervous, she just seems to be incredibly proud of her lack of ability and she finds her inability remember where anything in the shop is kept hysterically funny.
And yes I would shop at another chemist except that the other one in the village is much smaller & doesn't stock the things I need and the next nearest means a longer drive.


Witch Hazel said...

That's dreadful!

The other chemist would be able to order the stuff for you quickly (ours usually gets out of stock items the next day). If I am having something regularly, I let them know and they make sure they have stock.

Maybe it would be worth going to the other chemist, explaining that you'll be wanting x and y each week for the next few weeks, and seeing if they would order in for you, ready for when your get next week's prescription?

Anonymous said...

I sent my 17 year old daughter and 22 year old son to pick up her meds. The pharmacy tech actually asked her if she needed to use so many syringes. She is a type 1 diabetic and gets 3 shots a day.
How about mail order pharmacy thru your health care?

Barb in USA

TrishWish said...

Is the chemists in a chain? - because I would at least complain to their customer service manager! So many people would appreciate having a job in a nice warm chemists and that girl sounds a nightmare employee. The pharmacist as a professional must be embarrassed! You are a saint for not losing it - there is nothing like painful feet to make you tetchy!

Hard up Hester said...

WH, the other chemist is just a small satellite of the one I have problems with & so will not order items in that there other branch stocks.
Anon, Thanks, but we don't have that facility here in the UK,
Trish, that's a good idea, I may do that.

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