Friday, 5 December 2014

T F It's the weekend

Yesterday morning I was awake at 3am, at 4am I gave up & got up & pottered  around tidying up the living room.
I took my L&M to work at 6:30, went to the bank to get some cash for the weekend, went to the butchers & then came home. I made a cup of tea & sat on the sofa to drink it, I suddenly woke up & I was completely disoriented. I didn't know if it was day or night, whether I should be going to work or going to bed. Fortunately I realised that it was morning & I had only slept for about 5 minutes so I wasn't late for work. 

I really didn't want to be late as we have a lot of staff off sick at the moment, I'm part of a 9 person team, we have one staff member who is about to start her third week off sick, one who was off 2 days last week & one who is planning to be sick next week (this means she's started complaining about not feeling well). All this means the rest of the team & stretched to the limit & this is a particularly busy time of year.

At the butchers I spent £24 & bought a catering pack of bacon I also bought a pack each of lamb chops & chicken thighs. I've bagged up the bacon in 4 x rashers & put them in the freezer. I'm cooking the chicken with rice & will freeze it in portions for hubby's lunches. Half the chops will do for a meal tonight & the rest are in the freezer for another meal. The bacon & chicken will last a month.

I need to buy teabags & bread, but I think that will be it for this week, the egg man will be delivering tomorrow & I have 6 pints of milk in the fridge so we are sorted.

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