Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Who need Jeremy Kyle when you have Facebook!
A few months ago I had a couple of items to get rid of so I offered them free on Facebook. To enable me to contact the person who wanted the items I had to 'friend' them, I had intended to delete them from my friends list after they had collected the item, but to be honest she leads such an interesting life that I am now loath to unfriend her. Her life is like something from a soap opera, 4 children, 4 different fathers, money problems, custody fights, arguments & punch ups with family & friends, boozy nights out wearing inappropriate clothes, picking up inappropriate men. Even sometimes a lack of any clothing at all. It's all enough to make my eyes water!


A Saver Of Suburbia said...

Delete me immediately : )) x

Frugal Queen said...

I closed my personal facebook account due to not wanting to see everyone else's nonsense

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