Thursday, 18 December 2014

Thank you

Thank you for all your comments, especially Kethry for all the information.

I'm suffering brain overload at the moment, not from Christmas, that's all sorted & paid for.

We have a lot of staff off sick at work plus lots of extra work to do that is not usual in the run up to the end of the Christmas term.

There are plans being discussed that, if they come to fruition will means a total change in mine & my L&M's life, but I'm not saying more until there is something definite to say.

It’s nearing Christmas and some people are going mad spending money, often money they don’t have. Someone I know has run up £10000 debt in 8 months, but is adding to that amount as ‘they need to have a good Christmas’!  
Recently there was overtime on offer where hubby works, not much but about £50, hubby offered it to his colleagues as we have our Christmas spends covered this year. Both his colleagues refused the overtime, they didn't think it was worth working a couple of hours for £50, so hubby did it & earned the £50, I dog sat & earned £30. His colleagues both went shopping and spent over £500 between them.  Then came to work on Monday & moaned about being skint. I went shopping & bought carrots, cauliflower, potatoes & a £3 jewelry kit from a charity shop.
I got to thinking about all the things we’ve done to earn extra money over the years we’ve been together.
Hubby hasn’t done a variety of things, his work always involves some sort of building work, but he always does overtime when offered & often help friends on jobs they are doing.
I have taken in lodgers, done temp work during my holidays, done office cleaning before & after work, dog sat, worked overtime, done first aid, playground duties, made tutu’s to sell, knitted scarves to sell. Not all of these earned a lot of money, I made approximately £3 per scarf, the first year I made 20 scarves, the 2nd year I made 150! The following year they were no longer fashionable so I had to look for another way of earning extra money.

We both feel that any extra we bring in is always worth it and all those little bits add up towards larger amounts. So we will not be spending or splurging this Christmas, we know what we can afford & that is what we will spend.


Frugal in Derbyshire said...

£50 for two hours is good money and generous of your husband to offer it to others first.
Turning down overtime and then complaining of being skint is typical of so many people nowadays. I bet they have debts that would frighten you and I too!

Pam said...

The worst job that I ever did was to pickle 60 jars of onions for someone. That was years ago and now I struggle to do 2 jars for myself. I stank of onions for days after. I can not remember how much I was paid but it was not enough to repeat it the following year.

Red the Elder said...

I'm 70 and still putting in the "hard yards", this morning 7-11.40 I volunteered and came home thoroughly shagged (I have a kidney complaint at the moment), thoroughly irritated and well pissed off. Some people are never happy and I met two of those this morning. Ho hum, now trying to get myself back on an even keel. Maybe I shouldn't keep things to myself, but my Mum always taught me to be patient and forbearing. Grind, grind. Rant over, may the rest of your day be luverly. Red the Elder

Witch Hazel said...

Hopefully the possible changes are for the better? If so, fingers crossed for you both.

kethry said...

you're welcome, Hester - hope the advice is useful. If you need more info, please let me know. I think you have my contact details?


Frugal Queen said...

Even now, I don't turn down any extra work. Writing, exam marking, cookery work then I will do it. I find the more work I do, the more I get offered.

TrishWish said...

Glad to hear you are going to review where you are and make some changes. It is exciting to do this - we know we are taking a risk at present not working into our late 60s but we are enjoying time and putting together a plan to grow all our own fruit and veg and make most of out craft skills. Have a lovely Xams


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