Friday, 26 December 2014

Plots & Plans

The New Year will soon be here and there are things that need to be planned for, things that need to be done.

The decoration have been put away, I did that early after yesterday's upset, I've also packed up all the tablets ready to return them.

This morning I'm emptying & counting the savings jar, I'll pay it into the bank & start refilling the jar when we have change.

We may be moving next year so I need to declutter ready, it will make it easier if we do move.
I've started by getting rid of a lot of saucepans that I didn't need, I passed them on to DD2.

So it's one room a day until I return to work, tomorrow I'm sorting out the bedding & getting rid of all the extras.


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

oohhhh exciting, tell us more!!

Pam said...

Why is that there is always one person who seems to delight in pissing as many people as possible off. At least you have plenty to do, a move will keep you on your toes. I hope that it is a welcome one. Have a good time turfing out all the unwanted stuff.

Mrs G said...

I hope the move is something you want to do x

Hard up Hester said...

We are looking into pros & cons, time will tell if anything comes of it.

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