Sunday, 7 December 2014

What a mucking fuddle

I ordered a cheap desk & shelf unit for the spare bedroom that doesn't have a bed in it, this is so I can set up my sewing machine again. I arranged for delivery on Saturday, waited in all day as delivery could be anytime from 7am to 8pm. At 6pm I received a text informing me that the delivery would be between midday & 9pm. At 9:30 I tracked the package again this time the message had changed to 'Your delivery has been delayed, if you are out when we deliver we will leave your parcel with a neighbour or in a safe place'.

This morning it took me a couple of hours to fine a phone number for the delivery company & speak to a human being. At first I was assured that the parcel had been delivered, I explained that my eyesight may have deteriorated lately but I don't think I could miss a desk & shelf unit. I was then assured that the driver had attempted to deliver but there had been no one in, I soon disabused the human of this notion, as one of us was in all day.

Eventually I ascertained that they would not be delivering today as their drivers don't work on Sunday's and I arranged for a Monday delivery. 

My L&M then went to buy 3 clown loach & some fish food. We arrived home to find the long awaited delivery on the doorstep. I'm glad my L&M was with me as the boxes were on the doorstep & were covering the keyhole & they were too heavy for me to move.

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Anonymous said...

You're right a "mucking fuddle"! They're no better in Aus!

Red the Elder

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