Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Early morning visitor

At 6am this morning I was sat having a quiet cuppa when I heard the front door open and close, I thought at first that we were being burgled, but soon realised that it was DD1, Helen, desperate for some sleep (both the twins are unwell and not sleeping) she had left the children with her hubby and come to take advantage of the peace and quiet here and sleep in our spare room. 

I made her breakfast, she had a sleep and a shower, then I made her lunch and afterwards we went to Aldi and I bought some more yarn, not that I needed any more I know.

I didn't get much decluttering done today apart from giving Helen some large kitchenware that I don't use anymore, I did give the kitchen a good bottoming whist Helen was asleep.

Tomorrow I shall carry on sorting out my sewing room, I'm getting it sorted & tidied, but I'm not decluttering my stash, if we manage to downsize & I retire I won't have money to spend on fabric and yarn but I may have more time on my hands to pursue my hobbies.


TrishWish said...

Have you read SewMamaSew blog? It seems decluttering sewing rooms is the theme for New Year 2015!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember that feeling of thinking I would die of sleep deprivation! Helen did the right thing in coming to het some quiet time and I'll bet it felt like utter bliss. I am also declttering especially books and stash. I have bought nothing in the sales and am intending to use up as much as possible of wool, fabric, paper etc in 2015.
Hope 2015 brings you health and happiness with all your family. Slainte Catriona

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Good that your DIL feels comfortable coming to you to re-charge her batteries.
happy New Year to you and yours

Parentingachildwithautism said...

Bless her, I remember those sleep deprived days with my little one so god knows what its like with two!
I use to do the same, go to my parents, hand them baby DS and then go up to my old bedroom and sleep!
The difference in me when I emerged from sleep was incredible - i was like a changed woman after a few hours! lol

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