Friday, 8 May 2015

I voted

So did hubby, we always vote, we don't usually discuss who we voted for.
I'm cynical enough to think it won't make much difference which party is in power, but we did have a lot of upset staff at work.
One person was in tears, she's worried that her daughter, who is in year 10, will leave uni with £10k worth of debt. I asked her where she thought the money should come from to pay for her daughters education, she thinks we should all pay more tax.
When I asked if she would be happy to pay more tax she said 'no'! Most people don't want to pay more tax.

Hubby & I did have a bit of a giggle when we went to vote, there was a couple walking towards the polling station, he was about the same age as hubby, she looked about 15 but was probably in her early 20's. She was wearing a very tight, inappropriate dress along with the highest shiniest red patent shoes I have ever seen, she couldn't walk in the shoes so she was clinging to her companions arm and shuffling along. One in the polling station, he propped her against the wall whilst he vote and then collected her on the way out. Hubby & I came to the conclusion that she is probably a Thai bride or something similar, one of the local hotels holds night designed for these ladies to socialise along with their husbands.

Hubby returned to the hospital today, he was there yesterday as well, his hearing aid isn't working properly. He saw a different person today who told him, and I quote, 'In most cases it is the case that is broken, but in this case I think it's the aid itself. So we will replace the aid, this will come with a new case, just in case it is the case & not the aid that is broken' phew, either way his aid seems now to be working correctly.

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50 and counting said...

Our provincial elections were this week and it was a huge surprise (not really) that the government was dumped.

I've seen the very senior man with the young companion. Many actually come as nanny/companions for the senior and somehow wind up marrying him within two years.

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