Friday, 29 May 2015

Lazy day today, busy day tomorrow

I got most of my jobs done this morning so I spent the afternoon on my crochet.
Tomorrow I have baby Suzy from 8:30 until early afternoon as mummy is at work & daddy is helping at a football tournament, he will take the older 2 DGC, Eileen, who is 4 may stay with us too, it's her choice.
Suzy is about 8 months and tends to be a bit clingy, she prefers my company to my L&M. Eileen adores my L&M so if both the girls stay with us we will look after one each.
I have decided that I have had enough of my sleep being disturbed by constantly being too hot so I've ordered a 4 tog single duvet for me & a 10.5 one for hubby. So we will each have our own duvet, I've ordered new covers too.
Our current duvet is about 8 years old & the bedding is about 15 years old, so I feel comfortable retiring all of it.

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