Tuesday, 19 May 2015

If I was a horse they'd shoot me

I've has a nasty attack of diverticulitis and also a nasty attack of vertigo, one after the other.
What with those & my ongoing problems with my eye, I'm still administering drops twice a day, and 
well it's been a fun few days.
Anyway I'm feeling better now, I've been to the Dr's about the vertigo, I passed various tests, my BP is fine so it's probably something viral to do with my ears.
I'm pretty sure all this was made worse by stress, 20 students all needing to print out their portfolio, each portfolio contained in excess of 200 photo's each and took 2 to 3 hours to print, I was given 3 days, I only work a 6 hour day. I found the resultant wailing & gnashing of teeth was very stressful.
On to more cheerful things, we are organising a cake smash photo shoot for the twins 1st birthday. I've been researching what is needed & seen some lovely ideas, I'm making bunting in stripy fabric, alternate flags of blue & white stripes & pink & white, I hope it will look nice. I also have the net fabric to make some tutu's. I've bought a trilby for the little boy & will make him a bow tie, the little girl will have a pink tutu, frilly knickers, a fascinator and a string of pearls. . The twins were 1 a few weeks ago, but we had a few things all going on at once so we will hold it in a few weeks time. I'm sure they will enjoy it whenever it is.


Linda Metcalf said...

Hope to see some pics of the bunting! Sounds like a fun party.

TrishWish said...

Bunting sounds lovely - we have some first birthdays coming up too. Empathize with the portfolio building this is so much work and no college/school ever gives enough admin support for this stage!

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