Monday, 25 May 2015

Sunday lunch & family time.

I went out for Sunday lunch with my DD's yesterday, it was Lizzie's birthday on the 19th and this is the first chance we've had to go out. We went to a local pub called the Pot Kiln, they have a website if you are interested.
We had a lovely lunch, Helen & I had the beef, Lizzie had baked gurnard with samphire, mussels & cockles. I drove so both my girls could have a drink & afterwards we went back to  Helen's to play with the babies for a while.
Baby Lizzie is nearly walking & uses the dogs as baby walkers, the dogs re very patient & walk very slowly when she walks with them. Baby Josh is still only crawling, he also loves the dogs & pats them very enthusiastically, both dogs have learnt to keep their ears away from the babies as they are both very grabby. Both babies made vigorous attempts to grab my sparkly, dangly earrings.
I received a couple of texts from hubby whilst I was out and arrived home to find him still in a rage, cursing & swearing, he was not happy with the results of the Monaco GP.
Whilst on the subject of the GP, I noticed one of the papers that covered the wedding between Geri Halliwell (Ex spice girl) and Christian Horner (Team 

Principal of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One 

team,) stated that they were spending 

their honeymoon in Monaco, actually I expect they 

were there for the race, lol.

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