Thursday, 14 May 2015

Searching for the perfect card

Sometimes when I need a card for someone I manage to find one that is absolutely perfect. Sometimes I see a card that is perfect for someone & I buy it and keep it ready for when it's needed.
Today I need a card for my ex mother in law, not for her birthday though. I need a card that says 'I know you don't want to be in a home, but you are no longer safe to live at home'!
I've settled for one with a photo of bluebells on it!
My ex MIL was rushed in to hospital by ambulance at 3am few weeks ago with D&V, she refused to stay in  & discharged herself almost immediately, 3 days later at 2am she was taken ill again. The ambulance refused to collect her as she'd refused to stay in on the previous occasion so her son had to get out of bed, drive to her house and return her to hospital. This time her son insisted she stayed in and when she was well enough to be released she was removed straight to a care home.
MIL's reoccurring bouts of D&V are not a symptom of an illness, she has breast cancer probably Alzheimer's. She has always been a bit strange about food, now I don't like to waste food, but I wouldn't eat anything that I thought was off. She has always used food that hasn't been stored correctly & now she is doing really silly things. One day she opened a tin of corned beef, ate half, put the other half in the cupboard & ate it 2 months later. Her son set up meals on wheels for her, but any food she didn't eat she would store & eat later, again making her self ill.


Floss said...

My f-in-l is similar, I think it harps back to days of eating what there is, rather than what is safe to eat. He has has d & v from eating o.o.d. food from the fridge.

Kearnygirl said...

Hi Just curious - what is "D & V"?

Hard up Hester said...

Hi Kearnygirl, it's Diarrhea & Vomiting

TrishWish said...

Familiar story - been there and did that with mother. no matter how awful you feel about it, the rest home is the best and safest place. Mind you mine did escape in a snow storm and tried to walk the 15 miles home. Did about 2 miles before she slipped in her slippers and broke her arm!!! Sounds funny now, but it definitely was a low point for us all. Good luck. I feel for you all.

Eeek said...

Hi Also been there qwith my mother. She was the same with food and would suffer from Diarrhea. Terrible times. She was also placed for her own good in care. I had a struggle with the powers that be to get them to do this as she could appear capable in her own home in the conversation with the social worker that would interview her. She was found wandering after one such interview on the otherside of town with old pennies and shilling in her purse from an old coin collection, she escaped from hospital and was forcibly returned by the boys in blue after she tried to fight them. SHe wasnt charged of course.
Tough times. I feel for you all.

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