Saturday, 30 May 2015

When the going gets tough.

My beloved is a REAL MAN, he doesn't eat quiche (or lots of other things).
He used to be a roofer so worked on building sites. He won't let me carry anything and he opens doors for women.
He once arrived home with his head split open and a length of electrical tape holding it together as he'd been too busy to go and get it stitched,(someone dropped a lump of wood on his head).
He is rough, tough and very brave.
Today he was sitting at the kitchen table with me & the 2 DGD's, I said to Eileen 'What shall we do next?'
'Lets make cakes!' said Eileen
My beloved was up off his chair and off to the garden shed before Eileen had finished her sentence, lol.
He can't stand watching her scattering flour or breaking eggs, he will only re-enter the kitchen when all the mess has been cleared away.


kelley said...

that is too funny...I thought for her he was going for an apron...

Linda Metcalf said...

Sounds like home! The messes are easily cleaned....and so worth the time with the little ones! A good man.

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