Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Busy day

I went  to get petrol at 7am.

Came home, cooked breakfast, then dropped some 

stuff of at a friends house. 

Went from there to attend a training course, then on 

to the garden centre to spend a gift voucher hubby 

has had since Christmas.

Next we collected  2 DGC & brought them back to

our house for some cooking and gardening. 

Then I dropped hubby at the station to meet up with 

his brothers.

I got home in time to accept a delivery, unpacked the

delivery, went to slimming world, lost 4lbs. 

As I was leaving hubby phoned, he needed collecting 

from the station.

The meeting with his brothers didn't go well but we 

haven't had chance to discuss it as we have the DGC 


The DGC are now in bed, I'm cooking food for

 tomorrow's picnic. The problems with the brothers 

will have to wait until tomorrow or Friday to be 



Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - a very busy day! Congratulations on the 4lb loss! Families are never easy - are they?

Anonymous said...

well done on the 4lb struggling with weight loss at the moment and wondered if you would share what you did/changed to get 4lb off

thankyou tess

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